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The Calgary Software Quality Discussion Group, SQDG, is a forum for the discussion of all aspects of software quality. The group hosts monthly sessions from September to May with guest speakers from industry and academia. The sessions are free but advance registration is required. Read more About Us.

Current Season Presentaions

Here is a list of the slides/notes from our current season. (you can see more details on the 2016/2017 Schedule page. )

Schedule of Events

Our events are held on the last Thursday of the month and include discussion groups, debate panels, networking events and planning meetings. Occassionally, we host vendor presentations. Please see our 2016/2017 Schedule page for a listing of this season's events. Subscribe to the SQDG Newsletter and receive monthly updates on our events.
Our events are hosted by Oildex in Bow Valley Square (operated by Oxford Property Management)

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Speaker ImageInterested in presenting? We are currently accepting abstracts for the 2016/2017 season.

Check out the Be a Speaker page for more details on speaking for the SQDG.

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Our newsletter includes feature articles, SQDG event announcements and reminders, local and global industry announcements such as training courses or events, and general SQDG news. Read more about about the SQDG Newsletter.

Upcoming Events

Please see our 2016/2017 Schedule page for a listing of this season's events.

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