Be a Speaker

Speaking at the SQDG is a great opportunity to share your experience and insights on software quality with the local community. We want to hear from you!

Speaker Selection

The selection process is quite simple. Get in touch with Clancey McNeal, either via Linked In or .


SQDG sessions are scheduled from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm; doors open at 11:30 am. Our discussions happen on the last Thursday of the month from September to May. Please arrive at 11:30 to allow for time to set up and prepare.


The session room is set up in a discussion circle. There is a projector (HDMI/VGA) and white-board. Please be sure to bring your own laptop computer and all your own connectors, mouse, and power cables.

Lightning Talks

During the season SQDG may host a session comprised of "Lightning Talks". Lightning talks provide an excellent format for covering diverse topics and generating interesting discussion.

A "Lightning Talk" is a 5 minute talk given by a presenter on a specific topic. Since the time allotted is only 5 minutes, presenters are asked to present on a small slice of their chosen topic. The talk is timed and when the 5 minute period runs out, the presenter is asked to finish their sentence and the talk ends. Another 5 minutes is allocated for Q&A about the presentation. After the Q&A session has completed, another presenter is called and the same process starts again.

Be a Speaker

If you have any questions or concerns regarding speaking at SQDG, please contact us Email Icon.