2010/2011 Season Review

The 2010/2011 season was a great success. The following provides a summary of the results gathered from the annual season survey, a statistical summary from the session evaluations, and a summary of the program improvements being focused on as we look to the 2011/2012 season.

Season Survey

In June the SQDG issued our annual survey. The results of the 2010/2011 Season Survey have been reviewed and we are pleased to share our findings:

  • SQDG Season
    • The majority of respondents attended 2 or more sessions during the season.
    • Attendees enjoyed this season's presenters, especially the topics of Agile and TDD.
    • Suggestions for improvement included a concern that our location is not convenient for people who work outside of the downtown core.
    • Topic suggestions for future presentations included sessions on emerging trends, test management, test leadership, agile, automation and testing mobile applications.
  • SQDG Member Communication
    • Response to the new SQDG website was very positive with over half of the respondents viewing the website throughout the season. The website averages over 200 unique visitors each month.
    • The majority of respondents are currently subscribed to the monthly SQDG Discussion News newsletter with feedback that the newsletter is more convenient than Linkedin. There are currently 167 subscribers.
    • The majority of respondents are also currently members of the SQDG LinkedIn Group. There are currently 192 members.
    • A small number of respondents were unaware of the website, newsletter and/or LinkedIn Group and this will be considered for improving member communication in the coming season.
  • SQDG Networking Event
    • Only one third of the respondents attended the September 2010 networking event.
    • Suggestions included not hosting the networking event in the same week as a session.
  • SQDG Involvement
    • Approximately one third of the respondents were interesting in volunteering within the SQDG in the upcoming season. Thank you for your interest!
    • Several people have responded with an interest in presenting in the upcoming season. This is excellent as we really encourage new presenters and topics to the SQDG!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our online survey. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Season Statistics

At each session our attendees are provided with an evaluation form that provides valuable feedback to our presenters and the SQDG team. The following statistics represent a subset of the metrics gathered by the SQDG and are presented as averages gathered from the statistics across the season.

Stats Average
Stats Average
# of Attendees: 19 50
How Attendees Learned of Sessions:

Website: 26%
Mailing List: 24%
LinkedIn: 25%
Colleague/Friend: 20%
Other: 10%
Website: 17%
Mailing List: 29%
Colleague/Friend: 37%
Other: 16%
# of Previously Attended Sessions: None: 16%
One: 7%
Between 2 - 10: 37%
More than 10: 40%
None: 19%
One: 9%
Between 2 - 10: 39%
More than 10: 33%
Ratings for Presentation Meeting Expectations: Yes, very much: 61%
Yes, somewhat: 35%
No: 0%
Yes, very much: 65%
Yes, somewhat: 26%
No: 9%
Ratings for Attending Another Session: Yes: 92%
Maybe: 7%
No: 0%
Yes: 78%
Maybe: 14%
No: 8%
Attendee Roles: Project Manager: 4%
Developer: 7%
Business Analyst: 5%
QA/Test Manager: 21%
QA/Tester: 60%
Student: 1%
Other: 9%
Developer: 5%
Project Leader: 7%
QA Tester: 64%
Student: 9%
Other: 15%

* Where percentages are higher than 100% reflects respondents selecting more than one method.
** The SQDG gathers metrics for the purpose of inquiry and to generate meaningful discussion about the success of the season.

In total we had 229 attendees across the 10 sessions held during the 2010/2011 season. Overall participants were pleased with the presentations offered during the season and rated our presenters very well. Many seasons have repeat presenters and we were pleased to have five new presenters this season. Our highest attended session this season was "Successful Automation in an Agile Environment, presented by Janet Gregory, with 40 attendees.

Program Improvement

The SQDG team is committed to offering an outstanding season of presentations and appreciates the feedback provided by our attendees. Based on the feedback received from the 2010/2011 season, the following improvements are being focused on:

  • Incorporating presentations based on the suggested topics with particular emphasis on seeking presenters able to talk about hands-on experience with emerging trends and hot new topics.
  • Hosting the networking event in October rather than September to allow for increased participation.
  • Looking to increase member communication and awareness to the SQDG website, SQDG Discussion News newsletter and the SQDG LinkedIn Group.

Thank you to everyone who filled out a session evaluation form this season and those who participated in the survey. We will be looking for feedback again during the 2011/2012 season, so please take the time to participate and let us know how we are doing.

We hope you will enjoy the 2011/2012 season!